May 2009 Opening Door Brainteaser Answers!

Answers to the May 2009 Newsletter Brainteaser: Name this well known person!

1.) Texan who could kill, clean, cut, cook and eat a chicken in one minute, fifty seconds: Buck Fulford

2) She was disqualified from the Miss America contest after judges discovered her bathing suit was padded:Debora Ann Fountain

3.) He invented the microwave oven: Percy Spencer

4.) He left his fabulous collection of 122 brains to Cornell University:
Dr. Burt Greene Wilder

5.) She invented an inflatable dummy for pantyhose displays: Judith Shackleford

6.) He was accidentally killed by a flying turnip after it was tossed out of a car by a gang of vegetable throwing thugs: Leslie Merry

7.) Won the world record for being the fastest cucumber slicer known to man: Norman Johnson

8.) He is the actor who played Floyd the Barber on the Any Griffith Show: Howard McNear

9.) Man who the Academy Award is named for: Oscar Herrick

10.) The janitor who discovered the Watergate break in: Frank Wills

11.) The Beverly Hills cop who was slapped by actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, after he pulled her over: Paul Kramer

12.) The first woman to reach the top of Mt. Everest: Junko Tabei

13.) He discovered aspirin: Felix Hoffman

CT Statewide MLS Comprehensive Sales Statistics by County

The Connecticut real estate market has been unquestionably challenging over the last year, and longer. For many of our members, questions remain; how has the market changed? How much? When will it end? While I cannot answer when it will end, what I can do is provide you with the information to let you know what the market is doing in your county.

Reflected in these reports are: Single Family Home Sales by County; Average vs. Median Sale Price by Year; Number Sold by Month; Median Sale Price by Quarter (condo and SFH); Median List Price vs. Median Sale Price by Quarter; Average Days on Market by Year; Average Days on Market by Month; Condo Sales by County; and List Price vs. Sale Price by Quarter (condo). These are comprehensive reports that reflect the sales statistics as reported to the MLS and through public records (in the case of Fairfield County data). As is the case with all MLS data, these stats are reliable, but not guaranteed.

Click on the links below to see statistics by county.

Hartford County 2008

Litchfield County 2008

Middlesex County 2008

New Haven County 2008

New London County 2008

Tolland County 2008

Windham County 2008

Fairfield County 2008

Source CT MLS