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Happiness Habits
Happiness and habits are two words that most people don't associate with one another. Most think they're either destined to be happy or they're destined to spend their life Googling "How to Be Happy". Habits, however, are vital to all aspects of life. Think about it...If we want to lose weight, we know there are certain habits we need to form to, first, get us on the right track and, second, keep us on the right track. If we want to become more organized, we realize we must develop better organizational habits. Even grouches have to employ certain habits to curb their temper. So it should come as little surprise that habits can also be beneficial in bringing more happiness into our lives. The following are 10 such "Happiness Habits" that happen to be my favorites.

1. Smile often. I don't care if you have a legitimate reason or! No matter how bad things are, there's always, always, always something to smile about. Granted, sometimes we have to look, but it's always worth the time and effort.
2. Stay in the present. There's a great quote that says something like "the past wasn't as perfect as we remember and the future isn't as bad as we think it'll be". Don't live in the past and don't obsess about the future. Stay in the here and now. Get in the habit of focusing on what (and who) is right in front of you.
3. Simplify. Few things kill a great mood like feeling overwhelmed or stretched too far. Stop trying to do it all and stop trying to be all things to all people. Life is to enjoy, not let slip by while you're consistently grinding it out.
4. Make others happy. The surest way to bring a smile to your own face is to put a smile on someone else's face (even if that someone else is a pet - they "smile" in their own way). Do little things on a regular basis that make your loved ones light up.
5. Roll with the Flow! Don't get so caught up thinking that everything has to be perfect...after all, no one ever said it would be. Learn to adapt and, when necessary, simply say "It is what it is". Never feel sorry for yourself or lash out at others.r
6. Determine what things make you happy. What activities or situations make you happy? Make room in your life for these things on a regular basis. If having a clean and neat home or car makes you feel happy, develop housecleaning habits that set you up for success.
7. Eat Healthy. This habit may seem a bit out of place here but I believe it's as important to happiness as the other 9. Overeating, eating junk food and neglecting necessary vitamins (from fruits and vegetables) have negative effects on our moods, in addition to our bodies. Adapt healthy eating habits and you'll soon find that you have more energy, stabler moods and an all around improved sense of being.
8. Relax, Max. Make time each day to do absolutely nothing. When we're on the go every hour of the day, we wear ourselves out mentally, physically and emotionally. Allow yourself time each day to unwind and relax.
9. Breath. I know, I know this is something we do automatically. I'm not talking about normal breathing - I'm talking about deep breaths - the kind where you can see your chest rise and fall. Test yourself several times throughout the day to see how deeply you're breathing. Deep breaths help you to reconnect with yourself, your present and the world around you.
10. Pamper yourself. Develop the habit of treating yourself to occasional fun, frivolous little treats. Whether it's a hot new color of nail polish, a box of golf balls, a Dairy Queen milkshake or a new top you just can't leave the store without - give yourself an occasional lift with something that makes you smile from ear to ear. Naturally, this treat doesn't have to be a thing - it can be an experience, such as a bubble bath, foot massage or 30 minutes sitting in the front yard watching birds. The idea is to realize that you deserve to be happy and realize that it's up to you to make that happen.

* One thing to keep in mind: NEVER become dependent upon other people to make you happy. Depending on others for your happiness is an invitation for disaster (plus it isn't fair to them). Take care of your ow1847 by n happiness!

The 2011 Best Retirement Places courtesy of Forbes
* In alphabetical order

1. Albuquerque, NM                                                                    2. Charleston, SC
3. Charlotte, NC                                                                          4. Colorado Springs, CO
5. Fargo, ND                                                                               6. Indianapolis, IN
7. Jacksonville, FL                                                                       8. Kansas City, MO
9. Lexington, KY                                                                        10. Nashville, TN
11. Omaha, NE                                                                          12. Pittsburgh, PA
13. Portland, OR                                                                        14. Salt Lake City, UT
15. San Antonio, TX                                                                  16. Tucson, AZ



Salt Lake City - affectionately known as Salt Lake, SLC and "The Crossroads of the West".

With a population of 186,440 as of the 2010 Census, SLC is the capital of Utah. Founded in 1847 by Brigham Young and his Mormon followers, the city was originally named "Great Salt Lake City". "Great" was dropped from the name in 1868.

Today, SLC is well known as an outdoor tourist and recreation area, focused mainly on skiiing. In 2002, SLC played host to the Winter Olympics, something the city hopes to do again in 2022. SLC happens to be the US's industrial banking center too.

SLC is also no stranger to the entertainment industry. Many films, music videos and TV shows have been recorded in the area, including: High School Musical, Big Love, Everwood, Dumb and Dumber, The Amazing Race 8 and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. In addition, the city hosts part of the annual Sundance Film Festival (which is headquartered in nearby Park City). Sundance is the largest independent film festival in the US and brings many movies stars, celebrities and fans to the area.

Data through 1/31/2012
Median List Price     $221,000
1-Year Change     +0.5%
Median Home Size     1,156 sqft
Average Year Built     1946
Average Property Taxes     $1,829

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